Why Us


Pre-integrated solutions

Our modular platform provides the broadest range of capabilities. Pick the components from our wide API catalog, or deploy our ready-to-use, pre-integrated solutions.

Full compliance with Luxembourg financial industry

KYC Manager is hosted by Finologee, who operates under a full ‘Support PFS’ Licence by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and is supervised by the Luxembourg financial services regulator CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier). This compliant setup enables regulated entities to fully meet their financial industry obligations, thus, providing a service level that matches their requirements’ best.

Streamlined customer experience

Improving the customer experience starts with understanding the customer lifecycle. KYC Manager allows you to design new optimal and frictionless journeys by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints for a timely, holistic, and hyper personalized client flow.

Increased operational efficiency

KYC Manager is an integrated solution that lets the three main stakeholders of your business: clients, front-office and compliance, work on the same platform. By ensuring that all processes such as onboarding or KYC and data collection are designed around automation, and are completely centralized, financial institutions can become more agile and maximize operational efficiency.

Effortlessly executed risk and compliance checks

Enhance overall risk management and ensure future-proof regulatory compliance across your organization with a single platform to manage all compliance checks and KYC regulations (KYC, PEP, background checks, etc.)

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