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Our solutions for financial institutions cover every aspect of modern customer lifecycle management.

A sophisticated solution that allows financial institutions to initiate automated remediation workflow processes in order to perfect and enrich existing client / counterparty profiles to support a wide range of compliance obligations.

A solution that goes beyond initial onboarding and takes a lifetime view of the client, enabling financial institutions to perform data refreshes, ongoing due diligence and periodic KYC reviews.

A solution that enables financial institutions to engage customers of every type (natural and legal persons) when and how they prefer—conveniently and reliably. Onboard and offboard customers with intuitive and frictionless data and document collection, while enabling back office teams to digitally perform the verification and approval processes.

A solution that enables organisations to submit a list of KYC records to run against one or more Blacklists/Sanction lists. Ability to submit KYC records to recurring blacklist/sanction list checks or run checks manually. Choose KYC records from list, based on filters, choose which BL/SL lists to use and run the job. Display results: lists with hit(s)/no hit flag, and option to check details of hits. Display and option to eliminate false positives. Export via Import/Export function.

Clients can use a questionnaire for their customers to fill in to define their MiFID II investor profile. Financial institutions can run a campaign on selected/filtered users to notify them via Email/SMS to connect to update their profile. Ability to check details and validate profiles within the system (for compliance teams/back office teams). Export of data/files via the Import & Export function.

The modularity and flexibility of the platform enable us to adapt these solutions to your specific needs. KYC Manager is available in a white-label mode enabling you to completely integrate your organisation’s look & feel.

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