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  • Ready-to-use KYC software solutions

    Our modular platform provides the broadest range of capabilities. Our wide and readily available array of components and APIs enables you to cherry-pick journeys and modules to create hyper-personalised end-to-end client and employee experiences, and as a result, re-define your existing KYC processes.

  • EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing & ISO 27001 compliant

    The operational setup for KYC Manager has been designed with IT outsourcing rules and requirements in mind. It is hosted and operated in SaaS mode by Finologee. This framework lays the grounds for financial industry-regulated entities to define and build a compliant setup that meets IT outsourcing rules (such as the EBA Guidelines on Outsourcing Arrangements)1.

  • Streamlined customer experience

    Improving the customer experience starts with understanding the entire customer lifecycle. KYC Manager allows you to design new optimal and frictionless user journeys by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints for a timely, holistic, and hyper-personalised customer flow.

  • Increased operational efficiency

    By connecting systems, data and letting the three stakeholders of every KYC procedure (end-customer, front-office and compliance department)  work and exchange on the same platform, KYC Manager allows you to become truly customer and employee-centric. By bringing digital elements into KYC processes, you gain agility and substantially reduce processing time and costs, while maximising your operational efficiency.

  • Effortlessly executed risk and compliance checks

    With KYC Manager you can enhance overall risk management and ensure future-proof regulatory compliance across your organisation with a single platform to manage all compliance checks and KYC regulations (ID Verification, PEP, blacklist/sanction list checks, adverse media and business register/database checks and many others).

1Disclaimer: choosing to outsource to a Luxembourg ‘Support PFS’ is one of the pillars to achieve regulatory compliance on outsourcing arrangements for Luxembourg-regulated banks and financial industry players. Nonetheless, outsourcing to Finologee does not confer any warranties by Finologee to such players with regards to their own IT outsourcing (or KYC/AML) regulation compliance, each player remains responsible for its own compliance requirements. Finologee holds a ‘Support PFS’ licence (Professional of the Financial Sector – “PSF de Support”, articles 29-1 and 29-4 of the Luxembourg 5 April 1993 law on the financial sector – Licence N° 06/19) issued by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and as such is subject to full financial industry compliance requirements. This does not mean that Finologee’s individual products such as ‘KYC Manager’ have been audited, validated or approved by public authorities such as the Luxembourg regulator (the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur financier (CSSF)).

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