About us

About us

More than just leaders in financial technology

About KYC Manager

KYC Manager is a joint venture between Finologee, a Luxembourg-based FinTech provider, and Harmoney, a Belgian KYC specialist. Finologee and Harmoney joined forces with the common goal of bringing an innovative solution to the Luxembourg market: a digital onboarding and customer lifecycle management tool that allows financial institutions to transform the way they manage their clients.

KYC Manager aims to empower financial institutions to create hyper-personalised and end-to-end digital user journeys while delivering the finest customer and employee experiences. Additionally, KYC Manager’s compliant setup enables regulated entities to fully meet their financial industry obligations.

Harmoney brings in a ready-to-use and pre-integrated solution built on secure software to ease the entire customer lifecycle management. Whereas, Finologee locally hosts the product while securing full compliance with Luxembourg financial industry by being a “PSF du Support” (a licence granted by the Minister of Finance).

About Harmoney

Harmoney provides a next-generation, cross-border digital platform of solutions that automate and streamline complex onboarding and end-to-end compliance. By establishing and maintaining a high-quality, centralised financial passport for each of the individual and corporate customers, Harmoney remotely orchestrates every interaction between the relationship management team, the compliance team and the end customers. Harmoney is based in Ghent, Belgium.

About Finologee

Finologee is one of Luxembourg’s prime financial Platform-as-a-Service operators, facilitating the financial industry’s quest for optimisation and innovation with its compliant platforms and APIs for bank payments (PSD2 for Banks & Digicash), telecom routing/micropayments (Mpulse) and KYC/authentication. The company is serving more than 100 banks and institutions, handles hundreds of millions of transactions on their behalf and its founders have been continuously paving the way for FinTech ‘made in Luxembourg’ since 2006. Finologee is based in Leudelange, Luxembourg.

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